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AGE installs high performance energy systems that give you comfort and liability, in addition to saving energy. AGE Middle East is located in Lebanon to install the newest technology available in Europe and USA. In Age we understand the need of combining all the green energy technologies with conventional systems and smart automation control that give you high performance and energy savings.


Geothermal systems use the 20ºC relative constant temperature present in the ground, which gives you heating in the winter, when the temperature is around 10ºC, and cooling…


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Floor Heating & Cooling

Radiant systems are the oldest technology for heating and cooling systems. In roman times, underneath pipes were used to give even temperatures…


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We design and install radiator heating systems high in performance and efficiency, using geothermal heat pumps and conventional boilers. Our systems are designed…


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Solar thermal systems: Solar thermal hot water systems use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. We can combine solar heating with geothermal…


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